Lawton Associates: Lawton Associates are just that - agents and brokers that are associated with the broker Ron Kriss. Each agent and broker runs their own business under direct supervision of Broker Ron Kriss. The agents and brokers at lawton associates represent buyers and sellers in all types of real estate transactions in the East Bay and beyond. Among this diversified group you will find a former attorney, a former writer, and a former electrical engineer. As different as each of them is, they are united in their dedication to their clients and customers. Each agent and broker that works at Lawton Associates has come to work there because they have very high ethical and service commitments to their clients and customers. You can know that if an agent or broker represents you in a real estate transaction you will be receiving the best representation that is available in the industry. Each member of the Lawton team has proven themselves to be at the top of their game, or they would not be at Lawton Associates. Many ask to join the team, but few make the cut.

Marketing: Lawton Associates, Inc. brings together the traditional methods of Real Estate marketing, with the power of the Internet and unparalleled customer service to the sale of new Residential Projects like Temescal Place. Ron Kriss and Lou Lovotti are the founding partners of Lawton Associates, and are joined by the talents of the finest real estate agents in the East Bay. Together this dedicated team can help with almost any Real Estate need, from traditional residential real estate, income property, distressed properties and foreclosures, to land acquisition and development. Lawton Associates has been setting the standard in East Bay Real Estate for over 15 years and is ready to serve your needs in today’s ever-changing market place. Because of Lawton Associates’ in-depth market knowledge and commitment to quality service, this dynamic firm has grown more successful every year.

Ron Kriss: Broker Ron is the broker/ owner of Lawton Associates. He has been active in real estate most of his adult life. He is lucky enough to both live and work in Rockridge and does most of his real estate business in Rockridge and the Oakland/Berkeley area's of the East Bay.